Howard Suitt, an Upstate native and long time veteran of the construction industry, founded THS Constructors in 2005 and began operations in 2006. Dedicated to close working relationships with clients, THS employs highly experienced, professional, and service-oriented construction managers.

The Greenville, SC, based company has established itself as an industry leader through strong relationships with Fortune 500 companies, local manufacturers, health care providers, and developers as well as regional warehousing and transportation firms.


To be a successful, quality construction services company, built on repeat business and dedicated to our valued clients, constantly improving for the benefit of our customers, associates, suppliers and stockholders.

Fundamental to the success of our mission are these criteria:

    Our most important asset. Commitment, safety, teamwork and involvement are the values that govern their work.
    Our products and services must be delivered on time and with a level of quality that exceeds the needs and desires of our clients.
    The ultimate measure of our long-term success – the gauge for how well and how efficiently we serve our clients. Profits are required for us to survive and prosper.

With these criteria come certain guiding principles:

    The quality of our projects and services creates client satisfaction, our No.1 priority.
    Our clients deserve quality projects at a fair price. This is how we build repeat business.
    Never standing on past accomplishments, but always striving – through innovation – to improve our projects and services, to ensure our efficiency, quality and profitability.
    A tradition that gets things done safely… now!
    We will never compromise our code of conduct or social responsibilities. We are committed to our high standards of fairness and integrity.